Hélder Dores Article Published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine

The British Journal of Sports Medicine, renowned scientific magazine, has recently published a research paper by Hélder Dores, cardiologist from Hospital da Luz Lisboa, entitled “Subclinical coronary artery disease in veteran athletes: is a new pre-participation methodology required?”. The paper approaches the prevalence of coronary artery disease (CAD) in veteran athletes and its methodology of pre-competition assessment.

In the research conducted, the prevalence of CAD was higher than expectable (a quarter with high atherosclerotic charge), although englobing mainly athletes with low or very low cardiovascular risk.  On the other hand, the conventional risk stratification, based on clinical characteristics and stress test, was limited in the identification of athletes with high atherosclerotic charge. It was concluded that several parameters of cardiac CT (computed tomography) angiography could be applied in the future for the assessment and stratification of cardiovascular risk in veteran athletes.

Collaborating in the research and also authors of the article, are Pedro Araújo Gonçalves and Nuno Cardim (cardiologists from Hospital da Luz Lisboa), José Monge, Rogério Costa and Luís Tátá (from Hospital das Forças Armadas), Aneil Malhotra and Sanjay Sharma (from St. George’s Hospital, in London) and Nuno Neuparth (from NOVA Medical School). Hélder Dores is responsible for the area of Sports Cardiology at Hospital da Luz Lisboa, with interest also in the areas of hereditary cardiac diseases, cardiovascular prevention/cardiac rehabilitation and cardiac imaging.

The article, published on November 9, can be consulted here