Complex Shoulder Arthroscopy Performed for the First Time at Hospital da Luz Lisboa

The team of Shoulder Surgery from Hospital da Luz Lisboa, coordinated by the orthopaedic specialist Eduardo Carpinteiro, performed for the first time a Bristow-Latarjet surgery, a completely arthroscopic and endoscopic procedure for shoulder treatment.

With this surgical technique, several high-level athletes have already been operated, having recurrent shoulder instability in the sequence of sportive practice. This procedure takes about two to three hours on average and patients are released from hospital the day after the intervention.

The major advantage of the procedure, besides being minimally invasive, is its high rate of success, making it particularly adequate for high-level athletes or professionals with high physical effort requirements.

According to studies published, the Bristow-Latarjet intervention shows the highest rate of success in what concerns the return to professional or sportive activity (particularly when this involves contact and collision), at a level of performance equivalent to the one existing before the injury.

It is worth mentioning that open and assisted shoulder arthroscopic surgery has been long performed by the Shoulder Surgery Team of Hospital da Luz Lisboa, now registering a notorious evolution with the use of the Bristow-Latarjet procedure.