Vaccines protect. Vaccination is a right and a duty.

In 2016, almost one in ten babies was not vaccinated – a situation that has to change, alerts the World Health Organization (WHO), when celebrating the World Immunization Week, between 23 and 29 April.

The goal is that everyone of us makes the commitment to guarantee that all, with no exception, are protected against diseases that are avoidable through immunization.

To vaccinate means to fight fatal diseases and preserve millions of lives.

By assuring that our families and our communities are protected with vaccines, we protect each other. After all, according to WHO, immunization saves about 2 to 3 million lives a year.

In Portugal, good adherence to vaccines has allowed to control diseases such as poliomyelitis, measles and rubella. And this is because a high vaccination rate allows group immunity, that benefits the whole society.

Vaccines included in the National Immunisation Program are free of costs for everyone living in Portuguese territory, regardless of their nationality.

Vaccination is a right, but it is also a duty of the individual towards society, for the protection of all, especially children.