President of the Medical Association Analyses the Future of Medicine in Hospital da Luz Lisboa Clinical Session

The President of the Portuguese Medical Association (Ordem dos Médicos) was guest of the regular weekly clinical session of Hospital da Luz Lisboa, last Wednesday. The initial intervention of Miguel Guimarães had as central theme “The challenges of Medicine in the present, past and future”.

Throughout an hour, the President of the Medical Association took stock of the situation on the practice of Medicine in the present and exposed his vision concerning the main questions that health professionals will have to face in the future. 

Dr. Miguel Guimarães answered, afterwards, to the questions of hospital professionals present in the auditorium, which focused mainly on the topics of medical training and clinical practice responsibility.

Concerning the problem of the lack of vacancies for specialities in the public sector, the President of the Medical Association considered that private health institutions, such as Hospital da Luz, play a fundamental role in the training of new doctors – the Medical Association having the responsibility of evaluating the training competency of the teams. On the other hand, and in the sequence of doubts raised as to the way of imputing responsibility to doctors who defend on social media clinical positions contrary to those confirmedly considered of good practice, Dr Miguel Guimarães reminded that he can only take disciplinary action against professionals registered in the Association.

In the picture, José Roquette, clinical director of Hospital da Luz Lisboa, and the President of the Portuguese Medical Association.