Colorectal Cancer: Susana Ourô Explains at SIC Channel the Importance of Screening

Susana Ourô, surgeon-general at Hospital da Luz Lisboa and Hospital Beatriz Ângelo, was one of the guest specialists in TV show “Dr. Saúde”, at SIC Channel, dedicated to the importance of screening in cancer prevention.

The physician explained in particular the recommendations in the area of colorectal cancer, where she is largely experienced. “People with no symptoms of the disease should do colorectal cancer screening after the age of 50, by colonoscopy or by fecal occult blood test – and here the role of family doctors is very important, for they should mostly request such exams”, stated Susana Ourô in the TV show, broadcasted on May 8.

After explaining how colonoscopy allows not only “to see the intestine from the inside, but also to remove polyps and lesions that could become malignant”, the physician stressed that there is no reason to fear such exams, since “today, they are mostly done with resort to anesthesia”.

And polyps are not synonym of cancer. “Polyps are common and generally benign. But some polyps can evolve to cancer, therefore being removed during the exam and sent to analysis”.

Furthermore, the physician described the symptoms we should be alert, for they might indicate the presence of colorectal cancer, such as intestinal habits alterations, continuous diarrhoea, blood in stool and sudden fatigue.

Watch Susana Ourô participation at SIC channel (from minute 24)