The Cardinal-Patriarch of Lisbon Visits Palliative and Continuing Care Unit

cardeal-patriarca de lisboa visita unidade de cuidados continuados e paliativos

Last December 16, D. Manuel Clemente, the Cardinal-Patriarch of Lisbon, visited the Unit of Palliative and Continuing Care of Hospital da Luz Lisboa, talking to inpatients and meeting with the professionals that work in that service and with the administration board.

On that occasion and in declarations documented by “Voz da Verdade” bulletin, the Cardinal-Patriarch stressed the importance of turning this society into a “palliative society, one that commits and supports. We all need a society where everyone is an actor and a society that is palliative. If we keep idealizing a society of fitness and perfection, we will soon all be cast out”, he alerted.

On the other hand, Isabel Galriça Neto, director of the Unit of Palliative and Continuing Care from Hospital da Luz Lisboa, highlighted the idea that palliative and continuing care equates to a combination of treatments provided to terminal patients, and that the unit she oversees develops “a multidisciplinary and combined work, bearing in mind the social, spiritual and religious spheres of the patient and family.” And proceeded, saying with regard to good palliative care: “our victory is not what often people expect… that we are immortal. We are, in fact, all mortal. Therefore, we need a palliative society and palliative care. It is an essential area in health”, she argued in statements to the same bulletin.