Hospital da Luz Cardiologists on TV Programs

Daniel Ferreira, Diogo Cavaco and José Ferreira Santos, Hospital da Luz cardiologists in the units of Lisbon and Setúbal and board directors of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology (SPC – Sociedade Portuguesa de Cardiologia), participated in RTP1 and TVI programs, giving insight on cardiovascular diseases, in the scope of the World Heart Day (September 30).

The consequences on health in case of cholesterol and what can be done to prevent cardiovascular diseases where the topics approached by Daniel Ferreira, coordinator of Clinical Cardiology at Hospital da Luz Lisboa and vice-president of SPC, in RTP1 morning informative program, on September 28 (link not available).

José Ferreira Santos, clinical director of Hospital da Luz Setúbal and secretary-general of SPC, was in TVI “Diário da Manhã”, on September 29 (see intervenion on TVI). He mentioned that, although cardiovascular diseases are still the first cause of death in Portugal and there is still a long way to go, a gradual and significant reduction has occurred these last years.
He also challenged viewers to adopt “small changes in life style – such as eating less fast-food, consuming more fresh products or walk for half an hour every day, for instance” – to prevent heart disease.

Diogo Cavaco, Hospital da Luz Lisboa and treasurer of SPC, was also on TVI channel, on that same day, participating in the program “A Tarde é Sua”, where he explained what is cardiac insufficiency, a disease that affects about 400 thousand people in Portugal  (see intervention on TVI). The cardiologist also presented “Kit do Cidadão”, an SPC brochure synthetizing all the information on cardiovascular diseases and ways of prevention.