Carlos Ferreira, surgeon in a war zone

'I always wanted to do something like this. To take my technical skills, my expertise, to the places where they are really needed, where they don't exist'. Carlos Ferreira is a general surgeon at the Hospital da Luz and, for six weeks, exchanged his world for another very different one: South Sudan, one of the world's poorest countries, caught up in a civil war for many years, on a mission to carry out war surgery with the International Red Cross.

It was, as you would expect, an overwhelming experience. On every level. Carlos performed surgeries that he never thought himself capable of. He dealt with the worst human suffering and had to keep a check on his emotions. He lived in a remote region, far from his wife and small children, and the comfort and safety of everyday life - a distance made even more remote by not even having Internet access.

In six weeks of intense daily work, he carried out more than 140 operations and achieved a unique record: he did not lose a single patient. And he only performed war surgery: he treated all sorts of wounds, from gunshots, grenades, explosions, and to all parts of the body, which, for a general surgeon, is the greatest challenge.

Carlos Ferreira told the story of his mission to 'Informação Luz Saúde Beatriz Ângelo'. And he says he is ready for more.

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