Carlos Palos, HBA Specialist, Represents Portugal in Brussels

Carlos Palos, specialist physician that coordinates the group of infection control and prevention of antibiotic resistance at Hospital Beatriz Ângelo (HBA) and in Grupo Luz Saúde, was chosen by the Portuguese Directorate-General of Health to represent Portugal in the event celebrating the 10th anniversary of the European Antibiotic Awareness Day, taking place this week in Brussels, Belgium.

The event was organized by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the European Union agency in the area of health, in collaboration with the European Commission, and gathered representatives from all member states.

During the meeting, a report was presented with the most recent data on consumption and resistance to antibiotics in European countries, and there was a discussion on the need to alert European political entities to this problem from a shared point of view, integrating human, veterinary and environmental health.

“One Health” should be a priority to all, health authorities and political decision makers; it was a conclusion of the event.

Carlos Palos integrates, for nearly two years now, the program for prevention, infection control and antibiotic resistance, of the Portuguese Directorate-General of Health, Ministry of Health.

The European Antibiotic Awareness Day – celebrated this year for the 10th time – is an initiative of ECDC and it is always celebrated on the World Antibiotics Awareness Week, promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Both dates have the purpose to alert the population for the correct use of antibiotics – which is a responsibility of everyone, from citizens to health professionals involved in its prescription and distribution, at human and animal level –, thus contributing to reduce bacteria resistance to these medications. 

If nothing is done, about 10 million of people are estimated to die by 2050, all over the world, with infections caused by resistant bacteria.

Antibiotics are medications destined to the treatment of infection caused by bacteria, not acting on infection caused by virus (such as in colds and flu).


In the photo: Carlos Palos (second on the left) with ECDC director, Andrea Ammon (third on the right), the representatives of Poland and Greece and two elements of the event organization