Clinical Cases of the Hospital da Luz in its Sixth Edition

The Hospital da Luz recently released the sixth edition of the book Casos Clínicos, a publication destined for physicians and other healthcare professionals, revealing some rare and unusual clinical cases treated by professionals from the Hospital da Luz between 2012 and 2013.

It’s a publication that gathers more than 30 clinical situations, consisting of “rare clinical cases, sometimes unique, unusual clinical presentations, modern diagnostic methodologies and creative, original and singular therapeutic approaches, frequently counting on vanguard and pioneering technologies.” – as written in the preface by Prof. Dinis da Gama, editor of Casos Clínicos of the Hospital da Luz since its first edition in 2008.

In this sixth edition, cases from various medical and surgical specialties are presented including internal medicine, cardiology, neurology and palliative care, vascular and urologic robotic surgery, pediatrics, gynecology/obstetrics, and imaging, among others.

The book Casos Clínicos 2012-2013 represents, once again, what “makes the Hospital da Luz so special”, wrote the chairman of the board of directors, Isabel Vaz, in the editorial, for exemplifying “the perfect alliance between technology, innovation, humanity and life”.

Read the electronic version of the book “Casos Clinicos Hospital da Luz 2012-2013” here. To check all other editions please click here. (In Portuguese).