Hospital da Luz Clinical Cases Published in Neurologist

“Neurologist”, the renowned scientific journal, publishes in its July edition an article by neurologists Inês Brás Marques and Raquel Gil Gouveia, and internists Natália Marto and Anabela Raimundo, all from Hospital da Luz Lisboa. In this paper – entitled “Myelitis and Polyradiculoneuropathy with Severe Pain: Unusual Neurological Manifestations as Presenting Symptoms of Brucellosis” –, the authors analyse two cases of patients with brucellosis presenting neurological manifestations, that were followed in the departments of Neurology and Internal Medicine of this hospital. 

Brucellosis is an infectious disease caused by bacteria transmitted by animals to humans (through the consumption of contaminated undercooked meat or homemade non-pasteurized dairy products), producing high fever, headache and muscle pain, among other symptoms. In 25% of cases, it also involves directly the central nervous system, manifested as meningitis, encephalitis, myelitis or neuritis.

The article reports cases where brucellosis presented an atypical neurological scenario, without evidence of direct involvement of the nervous system. The authors conclude by alerting to the need of considering the hypothesis of brucellosis in patients with neurological conditions and native from regions where the disease is common.