Hospital da Luz Lisboa Headache Centre Participates in International Scientific Study

Raquel Gil-Gouveia, neurologist from Hospital da Luz Lisboa, is one of the authors of a scientific article on a study evaluating quality indicators in 14 centres specialized in the treatment of headache, recently published in the December edition of the renowned medical magazine “The Journal of Headache and Pain”.

The article, entitled “Headache service quality, evaluation of quality indicators in 14 specialist-care centres”, presents results and conclusions of the first study of the kind at European level, which aimed to assess, through inquiries of patients followed at those specialized centres and health professionals (doctors, nurses, psychologists and physiotherapists), areas such as patient individual care and management, diagnosis accuracy, efficacy in the treatment of headache, comfort and convenience, among others.

The Headache Centre of Hospital da Luz Lisboa, together with the Duisburg-Essen Hospital, in Germany, participated in a pilot study of the kind, which preceded the current European study and its results were published in a previous edition of the same medical magazine. This pilot study aimed to find the best way to apply a series of quality indicators developed by a team work integrated in the international campaign “lifting the burden” (

In the current study, the scope was extended to centres of headache treatment of 14 hospitals, in countries such as Germany (two hospitals), Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Georgia, Italy, Norway, Portugal (Hospital da Luz Lisboa), Russia (two hospitals), Servia and Turkey.

The study now published revealed that patients were satisfied with treatment and that, in general, the highly-experienced headache treatment centres treated and followed patients efficiently. The study also demonstrated that the quality indicators used in the inquiry were adequate to the specialized care provided in those headache treatment centres included in the study.

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