Hospital da Luz Headache Center participates in pilot study

The Hospital da Luz Headache Center, in conjunction with the Duisburg-Essen Hospital in Germany, participated in a pilot study on new evaluation models for the treatment of headaches, and the results were published in a prestigious medical specialty journal.

The study involved conducting surveys of patients from these two centers, as well as health professionals including physicians, nurses, psychologists and psychotherapists. In addition, the records of patients surveyed were also analyzed. The goal, as the paper published this June in the Journal of Headache and Pain indicates, was to evaluate the quality of health care in this area, using a set of new indicators for the treatment of headaches.

Doctors Raquel Gil-Gouveia at Hospital da Luz, and Zaza Katsarava, Department of Neurology at Duisburg-Essen Hospital, were the first to sign up to the study just published, which concludes that the evaluation of the methods used and the acceptability of the tools to assess the quality of the Headache Centers 'was successful'.