Headache Centre Treats First Patient with Biological Drug

Hospital da Luz Lisboa Headache Centre is the first in Portugal to administer an innovating biological drug for the treatment of migraine. The treatment of this female patient was started on December 19.

As already before – being the first to provide treatment with botulinum toxin for chronic migraine and to offer external stimulators for migraine therapeutics –, the Headache Centre from Hospital da Luz Lisboa is once again in the forefront of innovation, now introducing a biological drug.

This new group of drugs consists of monoclonal antibodies against the CGRP molecule (or its receptor), which is involved in the physiopathology of migraine. Efficiency results were favourable in the clinical trials made by Hospital da Luz Headache Centre, with a tolerability profile much higher than the alternatives until now available. “It is most definitely a therapeutic revolution”, concluded Raquel Gil Gouveia, coordinator of the Headache Centre.

In the photo above, the centre team: nurse Pedro Sousa and neurologists Elsa Parreira, Raquel Gil Gouveia and Inês Brás Marques.