Hospital da Luz receives International Quality Certification

The Department of Molecular Medicine and the Laboratory of Anatomical Pathology at the Hospital da Luz has obtained ISO 9001 international certification for quality, confirming the hospital’s compliance with all procedures that guarantee effective management of quality systems in these services. 

This certification was awarded by Bureau Veritas Certification, following completion of a process that began in January 2012, during which time, the organization reviewed the quality control systems in place at the Hospital da Luz. Both departments were certified with 100% compliance. In addition, the systems will serve as a reference for the certifying organization.

The ISO 9001 certification is valid for three years. During this period, compliance is confirmed annually by the certification authority. In the case of the Hospital da Luz, this process is managed by the Directorate of Accreditation and Quality Certification (DACQ) of Espírito Santo Saúde. 

The achievement of this important quality certification was made possible through the commitment of the Administrative Counsel of the Hospital da Luz and the participation of all departments directly involved.