Shoulder surgery at the HBA is an international benchmark

The work done by the team of surgeons dedicated to pathology of the shoulder at Beatriz Ângelo Hospital (HBA), which is coordinated by orthopedist Raul Alonso, has been considered of international merit in the application of new techniques in this field. This week, one of the specialists from the world's largest manufacturer of prostheses, De Puy Synthes owned by Johnson & Johnson, visited the HBA to collect the experimental data from the orthopedics team, and also attended a surgical procedure carried out Raul Alonso's team.

The purpose of this visit to HBA by biomedical engineer Didier Poncet, creator of the cutting edge line of modular shoulder prostheses, was to collect data to improve the design of prostheses and the instruments that are used by surgeons when fitting them. It is precisely this more modern line of prostheses 'that we use at HBA', explained Raul Alonso.

Didier Poncet watched a reverse arthroplasty performed by HBA surgeons Raul Alonso and Luis Pires on a 70-year-old patient, and was 'impressed with our hospital facilities and the high technical level of our medical and nursing team'. The orthopedist is an opinion leader for training in shoulder surgery at Mitek and Puy-Synthes.

Raul Alonso coordinates the shoulder surgery team at the Hospital Beatriz Ângelo Orthopedic Service – led by Paulo Rego. He is also one of the experts with the Orthopedic Services at the Hospital da Luz and the Hospital de Santiago.