Live international broadcast of surgery at Hospital da Luz

Last October, the Gynecology-Obstetrcis and Anesthesiology Departments at the Hospital da Luz, with the support of MSD, organized the live international broadcast of an operation.

The operation was performed on a patient of around 45 years of age. The intervention for deep endometriosis and a hysterectomy was carried out by António Setúbal, coordinator of the Gynecology-Obstetrics Department at the Hospital da Luz who is a specialist in endometriosis.

José Bismarck, coordinator at the Anesthesiology Department at the Hospital da Luz, was responsible for anesthetics and the peri-operational care of the patient.

This operation was part of a series of interventions performed at numerous highly regarded international centers. In the area of gynecology, it will allow data to be gathered on the quality of postoperative recovery of patients treated with neostigmina or sugammadex as neuromuscular block reversing drugs.

In the area of anesthesiology and related to this project, José Bismarck and Nuno Rodrigues, also an anesthesiologist at the Hospital da Luz, are co-authors of the paper 'Neostigmine vs. sugammadex: observational cohort study comparing the quality of recovery using the Postoperative Quality Recovery Scale', published recently in the Scandinavian Anesthesiology Act (doi: 10.1111/aas.12389).

The webcast surgery was watched by a group of invited gynecologists and anesthesiologists, who were able to ask questions directly to António Setúbal and José Bismarck. The time of the operation (16.00) was chosen so that it would be convenient for all the participants, from the USA to Vietnam.

Production and direction ware the responsibility of Dutch and English teams, respectively.