Urologic robotic surgery and shoulder arthroscopy highlighted in CMTV

Kris Maes, urologist and robotic surgeon at Hospital da Luz, and Eduardo Carpinteiro, orthopedician at Hospital da Luz and Hospital da Luz – Clínica de Oeiras, were the protagonists of the report «Hi-Tech Surgeries» presented in the series on science and technology themes «Falar Global», on Correio da Manhã TV channel, broadcasted on October 23.

At Hospital da Luz, Kris Maes performed a radical prostatectomy to treat a benign prostatic hypertrophy, while at Hospital da Luz – Clínica de Oeiras, Eduardo Carpinteiro conducted a shoulder arthroscopy to treat an injury on that part of the body.

The reportage included an interview with Kris Maes, who explained the advantages of robotic surgery in several surgical specialties, particularly in the treatment of oncologic, cardiac and urologic diseases and obesity.