Gastroenterology Consultation/Oncological Risk at Hospital da Luz

The Hospital da Luz is offering a new consultation for Gastroenterology/Cancer Risk.

This consultation is held by the gastroenterologist Marília Cravo and aims to reduce the risk of digestive cancers diagnosed at an advanced stage, and implement early diagnosis as a way to improve the prognosis.

The advantage of diagnosing these cancers at an early stage is that there are currently endoscopic, surgical, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments available which may be curative if used early.

At the Gastroenterology/Cancer Risk consultation the risk factors will be identified and each individual's risk rated. For individuals at risk, early diagnosis methods - laboratory, endoscopic and/or imaging - will be used as most appropriate to each situation. Those with risk lesions will be treated (by endoscopic and/or surgical methods) or integrated into monitoring programs according to the recommendation.