Cristina Pestana Talks about Her Experience as Anaesthesiologist at SIC Channel

"Anaesthesiology is a speciality that ‘takes care’ of the patient in the operating room. Therefore, it is so important that the patient knows the doctor that is going to anaesthetize him. All my patients have my phone number and that alone gives them safety and tranquillity. For me, it is also fundamental to meet them before surgery: hear their voice, learn about theirs fears…”.

Cristina Pestana, Hospital da Luz Lisboa anaesthesiologist, one of the special guests at Cristina Ferreira TV show, last March 7 at SIC channel, spoke with emotion of the passion she feels for her work, of the responsibility entailed by each patient and, above all, of how hard it is to lose someone being “taken care” of.

“In the operating room, each patient is like family to me. Medicine is a rapport between people, establishing friendship and rewarding relations for life. Therefore, when such thing happens, the first sensation is that of an immense frustration. Then, immediately after, we have to review everything we did to see if there was any fault, if we did all that we were supposed to. For doctors also have to do mourning. We have a heart just like everyone else.”

In the interview, where the physician explained the role of the anaesthesiologist, Cristina Pestana stressed how, from her perspective, the work of any health professional should be viewed: “With constant passion, permanently studying, putting our personal life in second place, teaching all that we know to the new generations and, above all, working in team”. 

At the end of a surgery, states Cristina Pestana, “it is fundamental to thank the team. We are nothing on our own.”

In the minutes preceding the interview by SIC host, the viewers of the TV show watched a part of Luz Saúde documentary with Cristina Pestana, “Anaesthesiology – the viewpoint of my time”, following one day of this specialist’s life at Hospital da Luz Lisboa.


Watch the interview in the TV show here


Watch Luz Saúde documentary here