Cautions to Be Taken by Ostomized Patients

Carlos Rodrigues, nurse-responsible of the Unit of Continuing and Palliative Care from Hospital da Luz Lisboa, participated in the TV show “Dr. Saúde”, at SIC channel, on July 10, dedicated to ostomy – a surgical procedure consisting in the opening of a stoma in an organ (the large intestine, for instance), through the abdomen, to drain its content into an external bag.

Stomas can be temporary and closed after a certain period, but can also be permanent, such as in patients submitted to ileostomy, a surgery to eliminate part of the small intestine and deviate the intestinal transit into an external bag. Hospital da Luz nurse explained how to insert and replace the stoma bags, the appearance they should have (pink colour) and the essential cleansing care and skin hydration.

The TV show included testimonies from ostomized patients referring the impact of this surgery in their lives, not only from the physical point of view, but also psychological.  “Even before the ostomy, it is important that the patient be prepared for what will happen. The information must not be shared brutally, being essential to present a short term plan and to explain the objectives. Above all, it is fundamental to assure the patient that he will always be supported”, highlighted Carlos Rodrigues.

The participation can be watched here