Palliative Care at Hospital da Luz Approached on Antena 1

The follow-up and treatment of cancer patients in the context of palliative care was the subject of the reportage «Dar Vida aos Dias» (Give Life to Days), broadcasted on January 13 on radio station RDP Antena 1, in which, among other caregivers, professionals of Hospital da Luz Unit of Continuing and Palliative Care were interviewed.

Sofia Santos, rehabilitation nurse in that unit, (starting at 1.37 minutes) talked about strategies used to communicate with patients that cannot talk, while Marta Pavoeira, clinical psychologist, (starting at 3.16 minutes) emphasized the support to be given to patients’ families in order to make their day-to-day life less painful. Nélia Trindade, unit coordinator nurse, (starting at 4.55 minutes) mentioned the need to give sense to days, to value people rather than the disease, an aspect also pointed out by António Gonçalves, internal medicine specialist, who chose to receive training in the Continuing and Palliative Care Unit of Hospital da Luz (starting at 5.34 minutes.

Furthermore, Isabel Galrica Neto, coordinator of Hospital da Luz Continuing and Palliative Care Unit, stressed the idea that palliative care is not the antechamber of death, but of quality life. She emphasized that this care should only be provided by dully qualified personnel (starting at 17.46 minutes) and concluded by saying that Hospital da Luz is proud to have a team and unit that strive to provide care of excellence, also for those that cannot be cured.