Basic Course on Palliative Care Sold Out and Received High Praise

Hospital da Luz Lisboa auditorium was sold out for three days, in the scope of another Basic Course on Palliative Care organized by its respective Unit of Palliative and Continuing Care (UCCP). Between 13 and 15 March, about 100 professionals from different areas – such as physicians, nurses, psychologists, social service technicians, physiotherapists and other health superior technicians – followed this course, already in its 11th edition and always with quite positive reactions.

In these three days of intensive work, were approached the principles and philosophy of palliative care, the general principles of symptom control, such as pain, nausea or delirium, the communication with the patient and family, care and ethical aspects at the end of life, spiritual needs, grief, burnout prevention and team work, among other topics.

“I leave this course equipped with more resources to deal with patients in this situation, that is a hard one. Thank you for all the share, it made me grow” – highlighted a physiotherapist, during the panel at the course’s conclusion.

“For the interventions made and for the opinions formulated, participants valued above all the experience transmitted by us, meaning the authenticity of the course”, synthetizes Nélia Trindade, nurse-coordinator of the UCCP palliative and continuing care nursing team. “People enjoyed the sharing of our experience, which is, at hospital level, one of the oldest in the country”, adds Carlos Rodrigues, nurse-responsible for the palliative care nursing team in the same unit. “And seeing how we work in team here, they realized how important it is in this area to have a good rapport between professionals, reflected at the level of content, knowledge, way of working and way of being.”

“This course exists, because there are patients with specific needs and professionals with shortcomings in their training”, stresses Nélia Trindade. Therefore, this is the first 2019 course of a continuing training program organized every year by Hospital da Luz Lisboa UCCP, intending to cover different scopes and professions.

The next course, happening on April 4 and 5, is specifically destined for medical assistants – a pioneer training in Portugal viewing to involve the professionals who work more closely with nurses and spend a lot of time with patients, family and attendants, in the units of palliative and continuing care.

In the photo above, some elements of UCCP team who organize and intervene in these courses: Carlos Rodrigues, Inês Romero, Nélia Trindade, Marta Pavoeiro de Sousa, Cristina Moreira, Patrícia Balão and Isabel Galriça Neto.

Also speakers in the Basic Course of Palliative Care were: Ana Guedes, Catarina Mota, Filipa Ascensão, Luísa Gonçalves, Rita Abril and Rita Santos Silva.