Hospital da Luz Lisboa Dermatologist Talks About Skin Care on BTV

José Campos Lopes, dermatologist and director of Hospital da Luz Lisboa Dermatology Service, was interviewed on program “Em Linha”, on Benfica TV, broadcasted on June 14. The program focused on sun exposure precautions, now that summer is here and bathing season has started.

José Campos Lopes mentioned the health benefits of sun exposure, namely vitamin D synthesis, provided that due precautions are taken, such as avoiding sun contact in peak intensity hours, preventing sun burning and using a broad spectrum sunscreen, cotton clothing to cover the body and a large-brimmed hat to protect the face, nose and ears.

Furthermore, the dermatologist alerted to the risk of prolonged and unprotected sun exposure with the consequence, besides sun burning, of skin cancer on the long term, namely in its most serious case, the melanoma, which in the United States causes one death every hour.

Preventive care in daily practice, namely the surveillance of changing moles, skin aging and other diseases like acne or eczema, were also approached by the coordinator of Hospital da Luz Lisboa Dermatology Service, who also had the opportunity to answer some questions posed by viewers.