World Diabetes Day marked by an open public session

A session was held at the Hospital da Luz which was open to the public and attended by around two dozen sufferers of diabetes, organized into two groups.

The session program 'We are all diabetics' included a presentation on several clinical cases on people with diabetes, discussed by the endocrinologists Francisco Sobral do Rosário and Carlos Fernandes.

The importance of treatment, vigilance and living on a daily basis with a chronic disease such as diabetes formed the basis of the conversation around the examples presented and brought up questions by the participants who talked about their personal experiences.

Issues relating to diet, more specifically what diabetes sufferers should eat and the care required with ingredients in processed foods such as bread were some of the topics touched on by the endocrinologist Leone Duarte and the nutritionist Mónica Santos, who both also answered patients questions on these subjects.

Carlos Fernandes and Francisco Sobral do Rosário spoke about the benefits of exercise in controlling blood sugar levels and smoking was also referred to as the first bad habit which a diabetes sufferer should give up.

As diabetes can cause blindness, eye diseases were discussed by the ophthalmologist Mara Ferreira, who gave examples of such problems and noted the importance of vigilance in eye health. She also talked about some of the therapies for diabetics suffering from eye disorders.

However, diabetes sufferers also have a high propensity to suffer from heart problems, such as myocardial infarction, or strokes.

Internist Anabela Raimundo gave examples of clinical cases of diabetics who had had strokes or myocardial infarction, with whom she sought to raise awareness among participants for the importance of symptoms and to act quickly, and go immediately to the nearest hospital for medical assistance.

At the end, participants said they were happy with the quality and information in the session and were keen to attend coming talks on diabetes.