World Sepsis Day

Today, September 13, World Sepsis Day is celebrated, an initiative from Global Sepsis Alliance, since 2012.

Sepsis is the designation attributed to severe infection, mainly caused by bacteria. It is estimated that every three to four seconds a person dies with sepsis worldwide, but most people ignore what sepsis is and that its early detection and treatment are essential.

Sepsis prevention is everyone’s responsibility. For instance, it is very important to wash hands before eating, after using the toilet or when entering home coming from public places.

The annual vaccination against the flu and other diseases is fundamental, especially in the so-called groups of risk: over 65 years-old, suffering from chronic disease (such as diabetes, heart or lung disease, tumours, among others) or taking medication that induces immunologic weakness. Consult your physician for adequate vaccination.

Knowing how to act in a fever situation is also important. Most fever situations are not caused by bacteria, but by virus. And in that case, antibiotics should not be taken, but rather medication to lower temperature, such as paracetamol.

Special care should be taken and Linha SNS 24 should be called (808 24 24 24) in the following fever situations, before going to the hospital:

  • severe headache with vomits or drowsiness;
  • throat aches or swelling of the face, not being able to open the mouth, drooling or shortness of breath;
  • shortness of breath accompanied by sputum or dry cough;
  • stomach ache, loss of appetite and even yellow eyes and dark urine;
  • close to fainting.

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