Augusto Ministro Receives PhD in Vascular Surgery with Praise and Distinction

Augusto Ministro, vascular surgeon at Hospital da Luz Lisboa, received his PhD degree in Medicine in the specialty of Vascular Surgery, last April 27, by Faculdade de Medicina, Universidade de Lisboa. His thesis – “A novel approach to therapeutic angiogenesis: low doses of ionizing radiation” – earned the unanimous approval of the jury, with praise and distinction.

In the research at the basis of this thesis, Augusto Ministro studied the administration of low doses of ionizing radiation as a way to promote therapeutic angiogenesis, in the treatment of atherosclerotic etiology patients with chronic lower limb ischemia (which affects 3-10% of the general population, numbers that raise to 15-20% above 70 years old, dictating limb primary amputation in about 30% of cases, annually).

The research initiated in the lab proceeded with the implementation of a clinical trial, which preliminary results allowed the surgeon to conclude: “Considering that 40% of patients with chronic lower limb ischemia are not candidates to revascularization procedure, low doses of ionizing radiation could be a new therapeutic approach”.

The jury integrated José Ducla Soares (who presided), José Manuel de Matos Fernandes e Fernandes, Maria Leonor Pereira, Luís Mendes Pedro and Susana Constantino, all from Faculdade de Medicina, Universidade de Lisboa (FMUL), Radia Tamarat, from the Institute of Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety (France) and Nuno Dinis, from Lund University (Sweden). Susana Constantino and A. Dinis da Gama (FMUL) were the thesis mentors.

In the photo above, from left to right: Nuno Dias, Radia Tamarat, Leonor Pereira, Augusto Ministro, José Ducla Soares, A. Dinis da Gama, Susana Constantino and Luís Mendes Pedro.