Paulo Rego – Doctorate in Orthopedics with Distinction and Honors

Paulo Rego, coordinator of Orthopedics at Hospital da Luz Lisboa and director of the Orthopedic Service at Hospital Beatriz Ângelo (HBA), defended his PhD dissertation this week at Faculdade de Medicinal da Universidade de Lisboa, being approved with distinction and honors.

The dissertation, presented to a jury composed by the most notorious professors in Orthopedics of the country’s medicine faculties and presided by Ducla Soares, from Universidade de Lisboa, last July 14, was dedicated to the theme “Femoroacetabular Conflict: Contribution to the Knowledge of its Physiopathology and Analysis of Surgical Results”.

In his doctoral thesis, Paulo Rego starts by defending that “the surgical preservation of the anatomic structure seems to be more interesting than its replacement”, explaining further that “in the case of articulations, this concept seems even more adequate, considering the problems yet unsolved concerning the implants used in orthopaedic surgery”. From there, the specialist develops the theme: “With this thesis, we intend to prove the efficacy of femoroacetabular conflict surgery and describe the intra-articular and intra-osseous vascular anatomy, in aspects not described before. Cam osseous deformities were also quantified, furthermore describing an original radiographic parameter never published before – the omega angle. The quantification of deformity in three-dimensional terms and the knowledge of vascular anatomy, besides allowing a more thorough technical performance of simple surgeries, enhances the safety of more complex realignment procedures of the hip in growth.” For this thesis, Paulo Rego studied about 200 patients with 5 years of follow-up.

In the picture, left to right, the jury: Paulo Costa, José Guimarães Consciência, João Eurico Fonseca, Jacinto Monteiro (the thesis mentor), Ducla Soares (president of the jury), António Oliveira, Fernando Fonseca and Gonçalves Ferreira. In the centre, the new doctor in Orthopedics, Paulo Rego.