Electrocardiogram First, Sports Practice Second

Professor Nuno Cardim, cardiologist and coordinator of the Cardiac Imaging Unit and the Laboratory of Echocardiography at Hospital da Luz Lisboa, was interviewed in the TV show “Em Linha”, at BTV channel, broadcasted on January 24.

The theme was amateur sports practice, an increasing tendency at national level, but often not supported by a good previous evaluation of the practitioner health condition.

In fact, ever more people want to lead a healthy lifestyle and decide to start a competition or recreational sports practice, without taking due precaution concerning the evaluation of their health condition, namely the cardiovascular component.

However, the risk of cardiac disease may exist and manifest itself through the practice of physical activity.

The best way to prevent and detect cardiac problems, that might be fatal, is a mandatory electrocardiogram, said Nuno Cardim. With this exam, analysed by a differentiated cardiologist, it is possible to detect the existence of cardiac disease and intervene, treating the problem and counselling the patient on the most adequate physical activity, considering age and the existence or inexistence of cardiovascular pathology. Nuno Cardim also referred that many studies indicate the practice of moderate physical exercise, five times a week (1,5 hours), as quite beneficial for health. As for the cardiological exams to perform, the physician recommended the electrocardiogram for beginners in sports practice under 35, including younger practitioners, namely after 10 years of age, and the electrocardiogram with stress test over 35.

Nuno Cardim reinforced the idea that these exams should be evaluated by experienced cardiologists in sports medicine and in hospitals with advanced technology of diagnosis (advanced echocardiography, cardiac magnetic resonance) and complex treatment techniques of cardiac pathology, as it happens in Hospital da Luz Lisboa.

Watch the video of the interview, here.