Hospital da Luz Lisboa Endocrinologist Talks About Diabetes on BTV

Francisco Sobral do Rosário, endocrinologist and coordinator of Hospital da Luz Lisboa Diabetes Center, was interviewed on program “Em Linha”, on Benfica TV, broadcasted on April 7. The program focused the World Health Day, this year dedicated by the World Health Organization to diabetes, considered one of the worse global epidemics in terms of public health.

The physician started by referring the over 400 million people suffering from diabetes in the world, a number estimated to reach 600 million in 20 years, a problem aggravated by secondary diseases associated with diabetes, such as kidney failure, blindness and cardiovascular diseases.

Francisco Sobral do Rosário also talked about the causes of diabetes, such as a sedentary lifestyle and inadequate food habits with excessive consumption of sugars, fats and calories, which in time may cause diabetes, among other problems. He also referred the fact that 20% of Portuguese children are obese and suffer from diabetes, which is a concerning circumstance and should encourage the population to modify habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The physician also had the opportunity to answer the many questions posed by viewers, stressing the life habits to be followed by patients suffering from diabetes, an underdiagnosed disease. That means that many people still don’t know they suffer from diabetes, although the diagnosis is very simple.