Hospital da Luz nurse interviewed on family care

Nélia Trindade, Continuous and Palliative Care Coordinating Nurse at the Hospital da Luz, was interviewed on Edição da Manhã on the SIC TV channel on 4 November as a member of the Associação Portuguesa de Cuidados Paliativos (APCP), on Carer Day.

She spoke about family carers, their motivations and needs. She emphasized the importance of all those who take on the role of caring for family members, along with many other household tasks they have to do, with no pay and very often having to leave work to be able to take on such care. 

Family carers try to give back the care they were given when they needed it, provide quality of life to their wards and strengthen family ties. Those receiving care are mostly the elderly. It is estimated that in Portugal 25% of elderly people have some degree of dependence.

More recently, health professionals have started to have a growing involvement with family carers, planning and developing specific programs to train such carers. Nélia Trindade also noted that the work of family carers has not been sufficiently recognized and an increase in public support for training is vital.