Perioperative Nurses celebrate European Day

The Perioperative Nurse European Day is celebrated on February 15 and will be distinguished at Hospital da Luz so as to divulge this area of nursing to other health professionals and all clients of Hospital da Luz.

This day was created in 2006 and has allowed nurses that practice perioperative care to promote this area of nursing and divulge their activity, showing the commitment of nurses concerning the patient’s safety while in the operation theatre.

It is also a purpose of this day to stress the fact that this nursing activity is essential in the operation room, even when the technological resources available in surgery are high-tech and high-quality level. Even in such cases, team work is fundamental, always with the intention of providing the best and safest care to the patient.

This year, the theme of the Perioperative Nurse European Day is «United: perioperative team and patient safety».