Hospital da Luz Lisboa Team Distinguished at Radiotherapy and Oncology Society Congress

The work presented by a team of Hospital da Luz Lisboa Radiotherapy Department, during the 6th Congress of the Portuguese Society of Radiotherapy and Oncology, held early this month in Oporto, was distinguished as the best non-clinical oral presentation (in the area of Physics).

Intituled “Radiotherapy of the left breast in DIBH: VMAT or segmented tangential fields?” (Radioterapia da mama esquerda em DIBH: VMAT ou campos tangenciais com segmentos?), the communication was presented by Sofia Faustino and relates to a combined work on a specific application of external radiotherapy techniques in breast cancer. Sara Germano, Telma Antunes, Ariana Rocha, Carla Miguel, Carlos Machado and Francisco Mascarenhas are also co-authors.

In this congress, which took place on June 2 and 3, at Instituto Português de Oncologia do Porto, participated radio-oncologists, physicians, technicians and nurses from all over the country.

Hospital da Luz Lisboa team presented two other clinical communications of high scientific interest, evincing the work of excellence and quality developed in the area: one approaching the topic “Laparoscopic brachytherapy assisted by Da Vinci in bladder carcinoma, with real-time monitoring by videoconference” (elaborated by Telma Antunes, Francisco Mascarenhas, Fernando Marques, Kris Maes, Rui Formoso, Sofia Faustino and Sara Germano), the other one on “Respiratory monitoring in external radiotherapy: primary point reproducibility in a superficial imaging system” (elaborated by Nichal Gentilal, from Instituto de Biofísica e Engenharia Biomédica of Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa, with the collaboration of Sara Germano, Sofia Faustino, Ariana Rocha, Carla Miguel, Carlos Machado, Francisco Mascarenhas and Telma Antunes).

Finally, Francisco Mascarenhas assumed the moderator role during the presentation of Professor Uwe Oelfke, director of the Physics Department of the Royal Marsden Hospital and Institute of Cancer Research of London. And he conducted the round table on lung cancer, with the participation of radio-oncologist Telma Antunes, which presented the communication “NSCLC extracranial oligometastases: techniques, dosage and timing?”.