Hospital da Luz Team Performs Cataract Surgery in Ophthalmology Congress

A team of the Ophthalmology Service from Hospital da Luz performed a cataract surgery live-streamed for the participants in FacoElche 2019 international congress, which took place on January 30 and February 1. The team including ophthalmologists Filomena Ribeiro and Peter Pêgo (centre and right in the photo above) and nurse Hugo Pedro (left in the photo above), performed a cataract surgery with lens implant to eliminate reading glasses dependency.

FacoElche is a scientific meeting dedicated to refractive surgery, which takes place in the city of Elche (Alicante, Spain), since 1999. This year, it involved the participation of about 1.300 health professionals in the field, being considered as one of the main congresses in the country. In this year’s edition, the organization gathered some of the most experienced specialists in refractive surgery and elimination of reading glasses dependency.

Filomena Ribeiro is the director of the Ophthalmology Service from Hospital da Luz Lisboa, also practising in Hospital da Luz network units of Amadora and Oeiras. Peter Pêgo is an ophthalmologist practising in all these units and also in Torres de Lisboa unit.


Watch the surgery video here