ERS Recognizes Clinical Excellence to Hospital da Luz Lisboa for the 8th Consecutive Year


For the eighth consecutive year, Hospital da Luz Lisboa was evaluated in the scope of SINAS (National System of Evaluation in Healthcare) from the Portuguese Healthcare Regulation Authority (ERS), having obtained, as in previous years, the rating of “Clinical Excellence” in major areas of healthcare providing.
Gynecology, Angiology, Vascular Surgery and General Surgery were highlighted this year, with maximum rating in the evaluation by this entity, as the results assessed in the scope of SINAS were higher than the average obtained by all healthcare providers.

With results higher than average in terms of clinical excellence, other areas from Hospital da Luz Lisboa, such as Orthopedics, Cardiology, Nephrology, Cardiac Surgery and Intensive Care, were also recognized in SINAS evaluation, confirming, once again this year, the quality of service provided by Hospital da Luz Lisboa.

Patient safety, adequacy and comfort of facilities, healthcare focalization in patient and client satisfaction were topics also assessed by SINAS system, the results also placing Hospital da Luz Lisboa on top of the rating.
Three stars, the maximum rating awarded by ERS, were obtained in all of these areas from Hospital da Luz Lisboa.
These results confirm Hospital da Luz Lisboa’s strong investment in quality medicine and reinforce the value of the major private hospital from Grupo Luz Saúde, as healthcare provider of reference.

SINAS is a system of global quality evaluation in healthcare providers, developed by ERS, the units’ participation being volunteer.