Hospital da Luz Case Studies Distinguished

Two case studies of patients with gastro-intestinal cancer followed-up at Hospital da Luz Lisboa and Hospital Beatriz Ângelo (HBA) were distinguished in the 13th National Congress of Gastro-Intestinal Cancer, which took place on October 13-14, in Albufeira.

“Preoperative chemotherapy on locally advanced pancreatic cancer”, by João Pedro Moreira Pinto, 3rd year of medical oncology HBA intern, was distinguished as the best study in the area of pancreatic cancer.

The communication by Pedro Simões, 1st year of medical oncology HBA intern, on “HER2 positive gastric cancer”, was distinguished as the second-best study presented at the congress.

In both instances, the studies were based on cases of patients followed-up in the Centre of Oncology from Hospital da Luz Lisboa and in HBA Department of Oncology, directed by José Luís Passos Coelho.

The national congress of gastro-intestinal cancer is organized annually by Grupo de Investigação do Cancro Digestivo – GICD, which is dedicated to research in the field, as well as to raise population awareness with information on this kind of tumors.

New therapeutic approaches in gastric cancer, neuroendocrine tumors, colorectal cancer and colon cancer, besides immunotherapy in gastro-intestinal tumors, were some of the topics debated in this congress.