“European Radiology” Publishes Work by Portuguese Musculoskeletal Imaging Unit on Hip Morphology

“European Radiology”, the most renowned European publication in the area of radiology, publishes in its April edition the work a multidisciplinary team led by imaging specialist Vasco Mascarenhas and orthopaedist Paulo Rego, both from Hospital da Luz Lisboa, dedicated to the characterization of hip morphology in the Portuguese population.

The normative values, obtained via CAT (computed tomography), serve as reference for the detection of disease situations and the subsequent determination of the most adequate healthcare to provide.

For this study, 590 healthy subjects were considered, the team having characterized 1.111 hips, by genre, age and laterality (left and right hip).

Vasco Mascarenhas (right on the photo) is the coordinator of the Musculoskeletal Imaging Unit from Hospital da Luz Lisboa, and Paulo Rego (left on the photo) is the coordinator of the Orthopaedics Service from the same hospital.

Read the study, here: