Exhibition at HLL Shows “Street Photography”

The photographer Carlos da Costa Branco exhibits his images “Pl’as ruas. Seus momentos, suas histórias” (Along the streets. Moments and histories), at Hospital da Luz Lisboa interior garden, from 5 to 23 February.

These are a series of photographs, mostly edited in black and white – a personal preference of the author –, included in the theme “Street Photography”.

The artist, who started his activity in the area of photography quite young, approaches the images captured in a more graphic, abstract and geometrical perspective, preferring minimalist themes in textures, colours and light. Moreover, he started registering daily life scenes of people in urban communities – which are now exhibited at Hospital da Luz Lisboa.

Carlos da Costa Branco was born in Sintra in 1948, initially following information studies. Simultaneously, he did photography as amateur, having gone through a long way of self-learning and personal accomplishment in this artistic field.

Since 1984, his works have been recognized at national and international level, being published in books and photography magazines, such as “Imagens d’A Capital”, Anuário Português de Fotografia, Photo magazine, Mundo da Fotografia and others.

Besides these publications, he has received many awards, with special highlight to the international contest CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year 2014, with the theme “Cities at Work”, having obtained the first prize in the areas of Europe, Middle-East and Afrika.