Fidelidade is the new majority shareholder of ES Saúde, now Luz Saúdeupo

During a special session of the Portuguese stock market, held on October 15th, 2014, the President of Euronext announced the new majority shareholder of Espírito Santo Saúde with 96% of the shares in the company, is Fidelidade, owned by Chinese group Fosun.

Fidelidade offered the highest bid for the shares of ESS (5.01 Euros per share), beating offers from Angeles Group from Mexico and Group Mello from Portugal, all of whom participated in the operation for public acquisition (OPA). The final offer from Fidelidade was also above the offer made by the American company UnitedHealth, owner of the Amil Group in Portugal, who made a direct offer for the company, outside the market process.

During the special session at Euronext, the president of Fidelidade, Jorge Magalhães Correia, announced that ESS had a new name and brand image. The largest private healthcare group in Portugal will now be known as Grupo Luz Saúde.