Portuguese Government Elects Hospital da Luz Doctors for Medical Research Ethics Committee

Hospital da Luz Lisboa physicians, Manuela Escumalha, specialist in neonatology, and Isabel Esperança, specialist in intensive medicine, were indicated by the Portuguese government to integrate the National Medical Research Ethics Committee (CEIC – Comissão de Ética para a Investigação Clínica).

This committee, presided by the researcher Alexandre Quintanilha, is composed of a group of personalities with recognized experience in the areas of bioethics, genetics, medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, clinical pharmacology, nursing, biostatistics, juridical and theological areas, also counting with the participation of patients.

It's an organism with technical and scientific independence that operates in cooperation with Infarmed, under the Ministry of Health, in order to guarantee the safeguarding of rights, safety and wellbeing of the participants in clinical trials and scientific researches on human beings, by issuing an ethical recommendation over the research protocols submitted for evaluation.

Thus, CEIC conducts the previous evaluation and monitorization of all clinical trials and studies involving medical devices of human use.

The two physicians from Hospital da Luz Lisboa, that are now part of CEIC, have large experience in this field. For years now, they integrate the Ethics Committee of Hospital da Luz Lisboa, with the purpose of issuing recommendations on ethical questions concerning the healthcare provided in that hospital, on scientific research protocols – namely those regarding diagnosis or therapeutics trials, and experimental techniques involving human beings or their biological products – and on requests for clinical trials, further supervising the process.