Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Group Shares Experience

Eduardo Carpinteiro, the coordinator of Hospital da Luz Lisboa Shoulder and Elbow Group, was responsible for a post-graduation module in Sports Medicine, held on February 29 this year, promoted by the Portuguese Society of Sports Medicine.

Responding to an invitation by Manuel Gutierres (Faculdade de Medicina, Universidade do Porto), the orthopaedist approached the “Instability of the Shoulder in Athletes”.

On the same month, André Barros, also an orthopaedist of the same Hospital da Luz team, was chairman of the Shoulder Module, of the Shoulder and Knee Surgery Advanced Course for Eastern Europe, held in Naples (Florida), between 25 and 28 February,

The invitations to participate in these trainings reflect the international recognition by the medical community of the experience of this group of specialists in shoulder surgery, from Hospital da Luz Lisboa Orthopaedics and Traumatology Service.