Benfica Goalkeeper visits Hospital da Luz

Júlio César, SL Benfica goalkeeper, visited on January 28 the units of continuing and palliative care and pediatric internment of Hospital da Luz, partner of the club’s official medical services.

The Brazilian international footballer had the chance to socialize with hospitalized children, talking, playing and taking pictures with them, and handing out autographs and gifts. But prior to that, the Benfica goalkeeper visited the Continuing and Palliative Care Unit, where he contacted with inpatients spending a long time with them and offering them happy moments, for the joy of all the Benfica fans that wanted to be with the player.

In the end, Júlio César spoke to the many reporters present about the current situation and future engagements of SL Benfica, but also about the meaning of his visit to Hospital da Luz, the love he felt and the singular stories he heard.