Hospital Beatriz Ângelo Placed 100 Patients in Clinical Trials

Doente 100 em ensaios clínicos

Hospital Beatriz Ângelo, in Loures, run by Grupo Luz Saúde, has just placed its 100th patient in clinical trial. These patients were given access to experimental drugs.

The participation in clinical trials is a priority for Luz Saúde, as it allows access to new treatments not yet available in the market, besides contributing to advance medical knowledge. At Hospital Beatriz Ângelo and remaining Luz Saúde units, researchers in different clinical areas contribute daily to improve prevention, diagnosis and healthcare providing.

The promotion of clinical trials and the support to the respective teams are developed by the research centre from Hospital da Luz Learning Health – Luz Saúde company dedicated to the advanced training of professionals, translational research and innovation, in the areas of healthcare providing and management. Since 2009, about a hundred clinical trials were supported, involving 300 patients that were able to benefit from therapeutics of innovating potential.