Hospital da Luz e Hospital Beatriz Ângelo with 7% of 2017 babies

In 2017, 5.941 babies were born in maternities at Grupo Luz Saúde units, representing about 7% of the total of births registered in Portugal (86.180).

The units concentrating most of births were Hospital da Luz Lisboa, with 2.375 children, and Hospital Beatriz Ângelo (which integrates the National Health Service and is run by Luz Saúde in a public-private partnership), with 2.698 children. They were followed by Hospital da Luz network maternities in Póvoa de Varzim (333 babies), Arrábida (288), Guimarães (108 babies), Aveiro (86), and Clínica de Santa Catarina, in Funchal (53).

It is notable that the year 2018 started at Luz Saúde with the birth of six babies. On January 1st, two babies were born in Póvoa do Varzim, two in Lisbon, one at Hospital da Luz Arrábida and one at Hospital Beatriz Ângelo.

After a gradual increase since 2014, last year in Portugal, less 1.397 children were born compared to 2016. The statistics were done based on the number of babies enrolled in the National Program of Early Diagnosis, and subject to the heel prick test to diagnose for serious diseases.