Hospital da Luz Oeiras Provides Once Again Medical Assistance to Corrida do Tejo

Hospital da Luz Oeiras will coordinate and provide, once again, medical assistance to Corrida do Tejo, a running event taking place on September 23.

The course, along Avenida Marginal (N6), in a total distance of 10 km, will start in Algés at 10:00 a.m. near the train station, and will end near Praia da Torre, after Carcavelos roundabout, near Forte de São Julião da Barra.

After its debut in 2017, Hospital da Luz Oeiras will once again be the official medical assistance partner of this running event, organized by Oeiras City Council, this year in its 38th edition. The race is already a tradition among the Lisbon region population, both for race enthusiasts and professional athletes. This year's edition has more than 9,000 athletes, among which about 50 employees of the Luz Saúde group.

A medical centre near the finish line

Medical assistance to the event will be ensured by a medical centre installed by Hospital da Luz Oeiras near the finish line, equipped with technical and human means ready to provide assistance to athletes along the race.

Besides the medical and nursing team of eight health professionals from Hospital da Luz, assistance will be ensured by a fire brigade and several ambulances along the race way ready to intervene in case of need.