Hospital da Luz Supports Puppet Hospital

The Puppet Hospital (Hospital da Bonecada) will once again be installed at Centro Comercial Colombo, between April 25 and May 4, this time with the support of Hospital da Luz. This is the 18th edition of an initiative that the Students Association of NOVA Medical School – Faculdade de Ciências Médicas holds every year, viewing to help children lose their fear of “white coats”, that many reveal during consultations and exams.

The Puppet Hospital is a playing hospital, that recreates several hospital areas. Children (from 3 to 10 years old) are invited to bring a puppet, that will become the “patient” in need of medical care. There, the children and puppets will be received and followed-up by “doctors”, that are students from different courses in the health area, from NOVA Medical School, and who will recreate hospital activities.

In this edition, that has for topic “Children with Chronic Diseases”, Hospital da Luz will be present in the consultation room and in the physiotherapy centre, where the children will be able to do some exercises. The children will also have the opportunity to visit the pharmacy and treatment rooms, the dental office, the operating room, radiology, psychology and nutrition.

Admission is free. Participate in the initiative!

Location and schedule: from April 25 (Thursday) to May 4 (Saturday), at Praça Central, Centro Comercial Colombo, between 9:30 and 21:00.