Hospital da Luz Ensures Clinical Assistance in Estoril Open

Hospital da Luz ensures, for the third consecutive year, clinical assistance to the tennis tournament Millennium Estoril Open, taking place from April 29 to May 7, at Clube de Ténis do Estoril. This is the only Portuguese event included in the official schedule of ATP World Tour, counting with the participation of 28 renowned players.

Hospital da Luz has set up at Clube de Ténis do Estoril a medical centre, which will operate during the tournament with two poles: one destined for players and counting with the support of physiotherapists and masseurs constantly present, and a physiatrist specialized in Sports Medicine present in the courts.

Hospital da Luz Lisboa will operate as backup clinical unit to provide a more differentiated medical assistance. The other pole is destined to the general public, counting with a physician and a nurse constantly present. Besides specialized human resources, the medical centre set by Hospital da Luz is equipped with all the necessary medical devices, namely automated external defibrillators close by, emergency and reanimation medical equipment to initiate advanced life support, and medical boxes for immediate assistance at the courts.

The medical centre will be equipped with all the material necessary to respond to situations of low, medium and high severity, involving disease or trauma, namely electrocardiograph, mechanical ventilator and monitor/defibrillator, among others.

The support is ensured by medicalized ambulances for eventual transport to hospital, present in the tournament precinct, and by INEM services (ambulances and medical vehicle), which will be activated for support to more serious situations.

Hospital da Luz will be involved with over 20 health professionals, among physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and masseurs, during the nine days of Millennium Estoril Open.