Hospital da Luz Ensures Once Again Medical Assistance to Corrida do Benfica

In spite of the rain and wind that marked last Sunday morning, April 7, the 14th Corrida do Benfica – António Leitão, counted with around 12 thousand participants, who enthusiastically ran the 10 km and 5 km distances of the race event. For the sixth consecutive year, Hospital da Luz, SL Benfica official medical service provider since 2013, ensured the clinical assistance to the race event, with an assistance centre equipped with the necessary technical and human resources to respond to the event’s requirements, and involving two doctors and seven nurses, supported by 11 elements from Camarate’s Volunteer Firefighters, four ambulances and a vehicle.

In the general classification, the main race (10 km), starting near Hospital da Luz Lisboa, was won by Rui Pinto (male senior category), SL Benfica’s athlete, who crossed the finish line at 30 minutes and 19 seconds. On the other hand, Dulce Félix, also SL Benfica’s athlete, was the winner in the female senior category, with a time of 37 minutes and 932 seconds, after the 10 km.

Such as last year, Tiago Castela, Hospital da Luz imaging technician, number 28 in the general classification, was the best classified among all Luz Saúde collaborators, in the 10 km-race, with a time of 36 minutes and 44 seconds.

This year, around 400 collaborators from several Luz Saúde units – namely, Hospital da Luz Lisboa, Hospital Beatriz Ângelo, Hospital da Luz Oeiras, Hospital da Luz Clínica da Amadora and Hospital da Luz Clínica de Odivelas – participated in the 10 km race and the 5 km walk, in spite of the uninviting weather conditions.

The day before, Saturday, April 6, Corrida da Pequenada do SL Benfica took place, also much participated: about a thousand children and youths, from 7 to 14 years old, including about 40 children of Luz Saúde collaborators, which participated joyfully in the events taking place in the grass playing field of Benfica Stadium.


Photos: SL Benfica