Hospital da Luz broadens offer in Imagiology with new x-ray and 3D with C-arc equipment

To meet the increasing demands in the area of imagiology, Hospital da Luz reinforces its offer with the installation of new equipment.

Therefore, from December on, new x-ray equipment will be used in support to all specialities of the hospital, as well as for external referral, improving response in the area of Permanent Medical Assistance, Workplace Accidents and Hospitalization.

In the operating block, Hospital da Luz reinforces its technological park in three-dimensional medical imaging with a new 3D image intensifier. It is a movable x-ray system, especially designed for neurosurgery, orthopaedics, maxillofacial surgery, traumatology and pain control, as well as for the generality of surgical specialties.

Its 3D function enables the creation of volumetric images in a multiplanar reconstruction similar to a computed tomography (CT), with the excellent versatility of simultaneous visualization of image acquisition in 2D format and respective 3D reconstruction.

This system will also integrate a new neuronavigation system and all together they will guide the surgeon during interventions. This will allow optimization of work flow, reduction of radiation dose to which patients and medical team are exposed and diminution of intraoperative time, by avoiding the necessary adjustments of a conventional system.

It is important to stress that the hospital will maintain the intraoperative CT already installed in the operating block.