Hospital da Luz once again a pioneer

On 5 March, 2015, a team from the Hospital da Luz carried out percutaneous renal surgery for the first time in Portugal on a child of 23 months.

The team, comprising urologist António Almeida Santos and pediatric surgeon Filipe Catela Mota, together with surgeons Vanda Pratas Vital and Orlando Cordeiro, used an innovative technique called ultra-micro-percutaneous surgery to break down a kidney stone of about 18 mm.

Voluminous renal lithiasis, a relatively rare disease in children, is usually resolved through traditional open surgery, resulting in significant postoperative pain, cutaneous scarring and impairment of renal function, which accompany patients throughout their life.

In addition to the advantages of minimally invasive surgery which it shares with the percutaneous renal surgery normally used in adults, the ultra micro percutaneous approach also offers:

  • Minor morbidity and reduced blood loss and postoperative pain and shorter hospitalization and convalescence periods
  • Absence of significant cutaneous scarring or damage to renal function
  • Procedure can be performed on adults and children